Real Cornor authenticates every single item before making it available for their respective customers to purchase.
We have the most reliable and trusted authentication process in the market.

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We Authenticate Before Sell

By collecting products from all over the World, Real Cornor authenticates them by their valuable trained experts. Our authentication process and all of our internal processes are changing constantly driven by new technologies like machine learning and AI.

At Real Cornor we authenticate over 10k+ items every single month and we are the only resale company in the town who authenticates every single item we sell.

Our authentication process provides us with strong data to support our experts in fighting counterfeits and building trust in the market. 

Highly trained experts in the Real Cornor authentication incubator use this data and their experience to innovate new processes for authentication using automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Real Cornor ensured their customers that they can continue to confidently extend the life cycle of luxury. We do not sacrifice quality over quantity.

Our quality control team provides an additional layer of control to help prevent fakes, pulling certain highly risk items for further review directly from relevant brands.

We are providing great experiences and satisfaction to our buyers with pre-loved fashion authentic items and in result we are proudly having 99% customer satisfaction.