Real Cornor respects the decision of their customers if they want to return the item back for refund or exchange.
All of our products are eligible for return to maintain better transparency and to gain trust of respective customers.

Authentic Luxury Resale: Real Cornor , Return Policy

How To Return

To return an item back to Real Cornor, you must request a return within 14 days of purchase, and return the item(s) within 28 days – items received after 28 days will not be accepted, We will return these items back to you.
Returnee must have to share a valid tracking ID with our representative through live chat or via mail within given days.
In addition, used items are not eligible for return and returned items must be in their original condition with their packaging and their attached tags respectively.

Return Expense

To return an item back, every arrangement made or shipping expense must be done or paid by returnee either domestically in US or Worldwide.
Real Cornor will not accommodate any in this case, returnee is responsible for all shipping costs and fees.

Authentic Luxury Resale: Real Cornor , Return Policy

Processing Time

Once your return request has been received, We will send a confirmation email to the returnee.
After your return item is received and accepted by us, please allow up to five (5) business days to complete the authorization process.
Once the authorization process is completed, we will send your funds back to the same account or card you used to purchase.

Promotional Site Credit

If your purchase was made with promotional site credit, that portion will be refunded with site credit and subject to the original terms and conditions.
Promotional site credit refunds with an expiration date will only be valid until the original expiration date.
If the original expiration date has already passed at the time of return, your site credit refund will be valid for three days after you are refunded.