A Complete Guide to Buying Vintage Burberry Scarves

Vintage Burberry scarves collection

Nowadays, vintage Burberry scarves are very popular. You’re also considering getting your hands on this luxury accessory. But it would be helpful if you needed clarification about whether they are worth it. How long do they last? And so on.

First, you need to be aware of the Burberry History– this is very important! Founded in 1856, Burberry is a fashion house based in London. It is famous for its vintage scarves, bags, trench coats, and check patterns.  

Their scarves, made from premium materials and featuring iconic patterns like the Nova Check, have become associated with British luxury. So, owning a Vintage Burberry scarf collection isn’t just about warmth – it’s about connecting with a legacy of quality and style.

I have been using Burberry scarves for about 4 years now! All the pieces are still luxury pieces. Fashion trends change, but vintage pieces never go out of fashion.

In this article, I’ll cover Burberry scarf vintage styles, benefits, price, and where you can buy authentic scarves that last for years to come. So, keep reading.

An Overview of Vintage Burberry Scarves

Actually, the definition of “vintage” varies, but for clothing and accessories, it generally refers to items at least 20-30 years old. 

What makes a scarf vintage? So, in the case of Burberry scarves, vintage pieces were typically created back between the late 1980s to 1990s, when the brand switched to a more modern aesthetic. These rare vintage Burberry scarves usually have specific features, like label designs, stitching techniques, or patterns no longer in production.

Moreover, these scarves are popular because they’re stylish and made with high-quality materials like cashmere, lambswool, and silk. They are rare finds and always look modern. 

Why Choose Vintage Burberry Scarves?

I have a huge Burberry vintage scarf collection, and they go with every outfit. Here, I’m going to explain why you should choose these rare pieces of fashion history.

● High-Quality Material

Vintage scarves are made from premium quality materials, including Cashmere, wool, and silk. Burberry a famous UK brand, is known for its best-quality products. Cashmere wool is extracted from a native goat of the Gobi desert and central Asia. Wool scarves are manufactured from purely natural lambswool. In short, Burberry keeps the quality of its products.

● Unique Classic Designs

Apart from quality material, vintage Burberry scarves come with classic and unique designs that are never out of trend. They usually have colorful checkered patterns, plaids, and beautiful fringes_ all these features make them stand out from the other thousands of surf brands.

● Comfortable and Lightweight

Made with high-quality soft cashmere and wool, these scarves give extra comfort and warmth. Plus, these scarves are lightweight, not like other bulky winter scarves. You can carry them with grace in any style you like.

● Different Styles and Colors

These rare vintage scarves are versatile in different styles and colors. Their beautiful color combinations give them a unique and classic look.

Also, there’s a huge variety of Vintage Burberry scarf patterns. Here’s what affects vintage scarves’ cost:

1. The Nova Check: These classic scarves come with checkered patterns in beige, black, red, brown, grey, white, black, and many more colors.

2. Cashmere Wrap: Extremely soft and large-sized, these scarves are warm, smooth to the touch, and elegant.

3. The Fringe Affair: These scarves have fringed edges that add a stylish look.

Classic Nova Check Burberry Vintage Cashmere Scarf for Men

● Long Lasting 

These vintage scarves are built to last long. It’s a one-time investment that will last longer, which means you’ll spend some bucks to get a vintage scarf that you’ll cherish for years to come. If you take care of them properly, they will stay usable for longer.

● For Any Occasion

Besides quality, an amazing thing about these scarves that I like the most is that they’re your go-to for every occasion. You can style them for casual, office, Christmas, business, parties, travel, weddings, and any other event. Style it with any outfit to create a stylish look.

How to Style a Classic Vintage Burberry Scarf

You just need a little creativity. A Burberry scarf can be styled with any outfit for an unforgettable look. Here are 7 easy vintage Burberry scarf styles to try: 

  1. Layered knitwear look: Pair your scarf with a knit sweater or cardigan, skinny jeans, and ankle boots for a warm, comfy outfit. Add a statement necklace and earrings for extra flair.

  2. Trench coat look: Get iconic style by wearing your scarf with a classic trench coat. Black skinny jeans and ankle make complete the look. Remember oversized sunglasses for a fashionable look.

  3. Leather jacket look: For an elevated look, pair a vintage scarf with your black leather jacket and jeans f. Ankle boots and the scarf create a cool vibe.

  4. Monochrome look: For a chic, monochromatic look, pair your scarf with a black turtleneck sweater and black skinny jeans, finished with black ankle boots.

  5. Preppy Perfection: Pair a Burberry scarf with a fitted blazer, loafers, or tailored trousers. A leather bag completes the look.

  6. Floral dress look: Wear your scarf with a floral dress and ankle boots for a beautiful look. Layer a denim jacket and a crossbody bag for a casual twist.

  7. Modern & Bold look: To achieve a trendy look, pair your vintage Burberry scarf with high-waisted wide-leg pants and a crop top. Chunky heels complete this bold outfit.


Where to Find Authentic Vintage Burberry Scarves

There are many fake Burberry scarves available online and offline. So, finding a legit seller with high-quality and authentic vintage Burberry scarves becomes challenging. You want authenticity and quality, right? But don’t worry about it! 

Real Cornor has a huge collection of vintage scarves. Once you explore their amazing collection, it will become your favorite destination. Here, you can find a wide variety of second-hand scarves, including vintage scarves, cashmere scarves, silk scarves, and many other clothing accessories. 

You can buy Burberry scarves in any style according to your taste and budget. As you know winter/fall accessories are available at huge discounts in the summer season. Real Cornor offers sales on Burberry items. Go and grab it now before it’s too late!

Here, I want to mention one thing: I’d suggest you buy pre-owned Burberry scarves, and there is no better choice than Real Cornor.

Preloved Luxury Fashion - Authentic Items - Real Cornor LLC
Preloved Luxury Fashion – Authentic Items – Real Cornor LLC

Here’s why:

● Real Cornor has amazing collectible vintage Burberry scarves for both men and women in a variety of styles and materials. 

● Real Cornor prioritizes authenticity 

● Pre-used scarves in excellent condition

● Affordable prices 

● Fast shipping in 3-5 business days 

● Excellent customer support 24/7

Factors Affecting Vintage Burberry Scarf Prices

Vintage Burberry scarves prices can vary based on a number of factors. Here’s what affects vintage scarves’ cost:

● Rarity: Limited edition scarves, those with unique patterns or colors and very old designs, are way more expensive than others.

● Condition: A scarf in excellent or original condition will have a higher price compared to one with significant wear or damage.

● Material: Scarves made from luxurious materials like 100% cashmere or silk will generally cost more than those made from wool or synthetic fibers.

● Seller Reputation: Reputable vintage sellers who sell luxury brands usually price their items accordingly.

Tips for Buying the Authentic Vintage Burberry Scarves

Buying Vintage Burberry Scarves can be a challenging decision because you’re not sure whether it is real or fake. Here are 5 tips to spot the difference between real and fake Burberry scarves.

  1. Look for any blurred appearance, as real Burberry vintage scarves have a slightly blurred appearance due to the brushing process during manufacturing. In comparison, fake Burberry scarves have sharp color lines where colors meet.

  2. Examine the Burberry logo. Fake scarves have low-quality tags, with letters having uneven thickness. In contrast, real Burberry scarves have the same font style and thickness.

  3. Check the tassels at the end of the scarves. Real scarves have thick and bulky tassels, while fake ones have thin and stringy tassels. 

  4. Always buy vintage Burberry scarves from authentic retailers like Real Corner to make sure you get an authentic product. 

  5. Examine the scarf stitching. If it is loose, the scarf is likely to be fake.

Luxury Lightweight 100% Cashmere Women Burberry Scarves


Caring for Your Vintage Burberry Scarves

Taking proper care of your vintage Burberry scarf ensures it stays stylish for years to come.

Cleaning and Maintaining

● Dry cleaning is recommended because this is the safest option to avoid damaging the delicate materials.

● Use a gentle detergent and a damp cloth, dabbing at the stain without rubbing, to clean minor spills.

● Keep your scarf away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Proper storage techniques

● Avoid tight folds or creases that can damage the fabric.

● Use a cloth storage bag or a breathable box instead of airtight plastic.

● Don’t drape your scarf over a hanger, as it can stretch the fabric over time.


Whether you want to keep your skin warm or add a stylish look to your outfit, luxury Vintage Burberry scarves are an ideal addition to your wardrobe. 

If you’re low on budget and can’t get a brand-new scarf, you can buy authentic Burberry scarves from Real Cornor at huge discounts. You’ll enjoy this premium-quality Burberry scarf for years to come. 

Keep in mind all the tips that I’ve discussed while buying a Burberry scarf. Shop now this luxurious accessory to style with any outfit!

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